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Our Story

From student with an idea to one of the UK’s Top 15 start-ups!


Changing the way we commission artwork

Hire an Artist started out as an idea more than 3 years ago when student entrepreneur Gareth Craven discovered how difficult it was to commission artwork. The idea was simple, to make bespoke artwork accessible to everyone.

In June 2015, the first version of Hire an Artist was launched and it’s founder consequently became the youngest person to be featured in ‘The Book of Amazing People’ (He likes to brag about it!) In the following months Hire an Artist made huge progress and even greater achievements, from being accepted into the world’s largest business accelerator, Entreprenurial Spark, to becoming recognised as one of the UK’s Top 15 start-ups.

This led to a very successful year which, at the start of 2016, caught to the attention of Apprentice star and serial entrepreneur Raj Dhonota, who then invested in the company and helped in the build of the new platform you see today! Hire an Artist has been making huge strides ever since, helping everyone from pet lovers with pet portraits to those wanting their own custom tattoo design. 

Join us today and turn your ideas into artwork too!