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FAQ - Artist

When a client wants to commission an artist for some artwork, they publish their projects publicly where artists can then submit their offers for the job. When you look through these projects and find an opportunity that works for you, you can make an offer.


If the client accepts your offer, you get the job! Simple!

No. Artists can also be privately selected by a client when searched for by name, rating or by their style. When this happens, you will be notified that a client has invited you to make an offer to your project, in which case you then make an offer and provided the client accepts, you then get the job!

Yes. We have also split these notifications into categories for convenience. So whether you work only to create pet portraits or you’re a jack of all trades, you can choose what notifications you get in the ‘Updates’ setting found in your profile settings.

No. It is free to join with no approval required.

Yes. Clients can search for artists by name, review or their artistry.

*Note: Your artistry is determined by what commission category updates you sign up to in the ‘Updates’ setting found in your profile settings.

Yes. Every artist is provided with their own profile and portfolio to develop for potential clients to view. This includes your name, location, biography and of course your artwork (With title and description included).

We provide a secure escrow payment system to protect both our clients & artists during the commission process. We hold the client’s funds and act as a third-party guarantor, allowing you to work knowing payment is guaranteed. These funds are often to be released on completion/delivery of the artwork or whenever stated in the description of a milestone. However, you and the client can make agreements with each other when you should be paid.


For providing you with work and guaranteed payment, we charge a 15% commission fee – which we found is fair in comparison to most galleries!


Being part of our service also means we can provide you with private commercial opportunities such as working with hotel chains & restaurants! If you are interested in such opportunities. please contact


Artists encouraging clients to pay externally via our platform is discouraged.


We work hard to bring these opportunities to artists and to provide a fair platform that supports freelance artistry. Abuse of this platform will lead to banning and exclusion to future opportunities.

For providing you with work and guaranteed payment, we charge a 15% commission fee – far less than what most galleries charge!


There are no other fees, we only charge you when we do our job and provide you with work!

If you’re relatively new to artistry, your portfolio may seem a little bare or not nearly as developed in comparison to most other artist’s portfolios. To improve your portfolio, think quantity and quality.


For quantity, you want to ‘beef’ up your portfolio. In our experience we find that a client’s confidence in an artist is raised when there is a bigger or more diverse portfolio to look through, it shows you’re an artist with experience. Work on side projects in your spare time and include these to bulk up your portfolio with artwork.


What’s more important however is quality. Some clients can decide to work with you by just viewing a couple of your best pieces. Like what was previously mentioned in regards to making your portfolio more diverse. Do different things and take more time into your artwork. Try also to dedicate more time on 2 or 3 pieces, demonstrate to clients the heights of your skills, artistry and creativity. Such pieces can help clients understand your potential, and consequently be more willing to set a higher budget for a greater quality piece.


You should also work on developing your style of art. The most successful and memorable artists all have sharpened & mastered their style into something so distinguishable it’s unmistakable to their name. Think of Picasso, van Gogh and Dali.

The best offer is made with the best of both worlds in mind, thinking of both yourself and the client. The most common (and often true) perception is that as an artist, you will want to be paid as much as possible, but as a client, you will want to pay as little as possible.


Part of a client’s requirements when creating a project is to declare their budget. When this happens you may think they have unreasonable budgets. However please be mindful that freelance artistry is often not a client’s area of expertise, they’re just being conservative and (As you may already know yourself) most clients are very open to negotiation on the price. This is why when submitting your offer you can go above the client’s budget and also edit your offer afterwards.

It can extremely difficult to value what your work is worth, especially if you’re new to artistry. Some questions to help you start off should be, how long does it take to create your art? How much effort do you put it into your work and how difficult is it to create? And so on.


We advise clients that the price is often boils down to the amount of time and the level of skill that is required to complete a piece – the longer it takes or the more difficult your artwork is to create, the higher the cost. Perhaps this will be helpful to you to keep in mind as you begin to learn the true value of your own work.


Additionally, besides the client’s budget there are 4 common key factors you should consider when making an offer:


- Size

- Level of detail

- Medium of artwork; Acrylic, oil, pencil, digital etc.

- Number of illustrations/subjects & backgrounds

We recommend that when delivering artwork to a client you always ensure you use a tracked/recorded method of delivery. In the event of a dispute and the client refuses to release a final milestone or final payment, you can make a strong case by providing proof of delivery.