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FAQ - Clients

We provide a secure escrow payment system to protect our clients during the commission process. We hold your funds and act as a third-party guarantor, allowing you to manage the costs of your artwork into multiple payments, which you can pay at milestones in the completion of your artwork and only once you’re happy.


It is highly advised that you don’t pay an artist externally, our payment service is free of charge to use and protects you against:  

- Fraud

- Unfair/illegal account charges

- Refusal of refunds

- Refusal to provide uncompleted artwork when paid for

- Refusal to provide completed artwork when paid in full

- Ruination of artwork

This is a conversation to be had between you and the artist you work with. Some artists prefer deposits to be made, to be assured with the guarantee that they will be paid for their efforts. Others prefer to be paid in one full sum at the end of the project. Speak with the artist you decide to work with how they want to be paid; in multiple payments or in one whole sum.


Again, this should always be done via our payment system. It’s free for you to use and protects you against fraud, scams and disputes; you should only pay once you’re happy with the work and it’s been received.

This is dependent on the requirements for your artwork, including the availability of the artist you choose; an artist working full-time could complete your artwork much faster than someone part time for example.


In our experience, we generally find 2-3 weeks is the most common time artwork is completed for a client, with smaller projects taking less than a week and larger projects around a month’s time.

If you wish to own all rights to the piece, it is important that you make this clear to the artist you work with, preferably in writing and that you get an agreement on this from the artist.


The easiest way to settle this is to include this requirement in your project brief. Simply stating ‘I also wish to own all rights to the piece’ will be sufficient and artists can then account for the extra cost in their offer to you.


As an additional measure, you can make an individual payment to the artist via our service and specifically state it’s for the purchase of rights to the piece. It will therefore be on record when the artist accepts the payment, which we can independently verify in the case of any disputes of ownership.  

We have artists all over the world, so if you didn’t choose a local artist and you can’t drop by and collect it in person, it’s best to discuss with the artist how to get it delivered. Ideally you should have this conversation with artists before you choose the one you want to work with, but we will always recommend that a recorded delivery is used.


As part of our terms and service, all artists submit an offer to you with all costs (Including delivery) in mind. It is your choice to pay them extra, but it is your right to refuse and the artist is obligated to deliver the artwork when paid in full.


Digital artwork can easily be sent to you electronically, artists can give you your artwork via our messaging system or by simply sending the file/s to you some other way, such as email.

Certainly! Small touches and changes are how you make the artwork to look exactly how you want it. Artists are perfectly happy to accept changes to the piece and they’ll often update you to make sure you’re happy with their progress. In the beginning, most artists will give you a sketch to get the most important aspects of the piece like structure and layout approved by you first, and then work from there.


What you can’t do however is ask for major changes to your piece half-way through, or change the project brief mid-way and expect the artist to accept. Not only is this is a nightmare for artists, but it can be a huge waste of your own time and money too.

Yes of course! Communication is important, if you wish to speak with the artist then you can freely do so. We have a messaging system for you to begin talks with, which you can continue to use throughout or you can choose to exchange numbers, email, text and so on.

When your project is live you will begin to receive offers from our artists. The first and most obvious factor is what style do you feel is best, every artist has a unique style of art, be it little or big differences!


The most experienced artists have had time to refine and perfect their style, artwork from these people is clearly distinctive from any other and choosing an artist like this will give you a truly unique masterpiece! But with such a unique style can come restrictions. The most common restriction being that the project development isn’t as flexible, because the artist could feel that what you ask doesn’t fit their style of work. Therefore, if you hire such an artist, be sure to hire them for their style!


The least experienced artists haven’t had time to properly mature as an artist, their style isn’t quite sharp yet so their creativity of style is much more vibrant! They’re happy to create anything you want, in any way you want it. Working with this kind of artist is great for flexible ideas which change as time goes on. However, when an artist hasn’t fully developed their work may seem generic, not nearly as distinguished against other artwork. Therefore, if you hire such an artist, be sure to hire them for their flexibility to style!