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Family Faith

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Gerard Smith

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Dec 2020  | 

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Hi, I have a very specific request which will not only test your trade skills, but also your experienced creativity. Allow me to attempt to paint in your mind what I am after. In the picture I have in mind there is a long narrow bridge (kind of drawn in 3d) at the distant end their are two large gates, swung open. Jesus in a white robe standing in the middle of the two gates in a radiating light. Behind him, beautiful angels and glories in the clouds of heaven. On the other end of the bridge, the 7 deadly sins in their demonic form. A quarter of the way on the bridge heading towards Jesus, will be myself first, holding up a round shield with the markings of the back of the Saint Benedict medal on it with a goldish glare coming from it to protect my family while an arrow in one of my legs and my arm bleeding. Next will be my wife who while helping support me to walk, will be looking towards Jesus and holding a shield above our heads, the shield will be in the shape and form of the front of the miraculous medal with a radiating bluish light coming from it, protecting us and our two young sons from arrows and the temptations of the demons. Her hand on the arm which is holding the shield, will be pointing in Jesus direction. Our two sons, both very young, will both be holding rosary beads in their hands and being focused on Jesus, will be safely walking toward him. Attention to detail  and symbolism on this picture is of the utmost importance. No modern art styles but quite realistic. If you feel you are up to the challenge, please contact me and we can discuss prices and options. Thankyou