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Kane Dunbar


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Dec 2021  | 

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Basically my full name is Kane William Jordan Dunbar. Each name has a meaning and I feel it paints a nice picture of me and how my life will go. Kane = warrior William = strong willed Jordan = flow Dunbar = summit. I’m not an artist but in my head I like the idea of a warrior being in a boat (I am actually a soldier so it’s relatable to me). He has a few noticeable injuries that he is pushing on with (arrows in the back or something like that). He’s flowing along a river and to reach the top of a summit which is the mountains in the background. I considered getting this as a tattoo but I can’t be bothered with people pointing out the logical flaw of it being impossible to flow upstream to a top of a mountain lol. If done a few image boards in the past of how I imagine it looking but it would be good to see what an artist can do for me. I imagine it with nice colours, that speaks positivity… Something I can look at and say to myself I’m proud of where I am type thing (cringe I know) or something that inspires you to keep pushing when things aren’t quite going your way. I attached some images but it doesn’t have to be like that at all- be creative with it and see what you can do. I will give a generous fee at the end to say thank you, I’ve never used a website like this before so I didn’t want to start my price too high. Feel free to send rough sketches or any ideas you are thinking about and of course message me with any queries etc. Completion date is just a random date. Thanks - let’s see what you can do.